About Northwest History Network

Northwest History Network is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Oregon committed to expanding understanding of history and culture through collaboration, professional development & support, and public engagement. We seek to:

  • Provide professional support  for community partners documenting, preserving, and/or presenting their histories.
  • Facilitate communication and foster collaboration between public and private organizations, educational institutions, libraries, museums, and archives.
  • Protect and increase preservation and access to historical resources and materials.
  • Expand historical education by using non-traditional venues to present public history projects.
  • Use varied strategies and technologies to promote appreciation and understanding of the past.
  • Foster a non-competitive and supportive atmosphere for those committed to public history.

 Board of Directors

To contact the NHN Board of Directors, please email: nhn-board@googlegroups.com. 

Terry Baxter

Andrew Bryans – Interim Director, Treasurer

Gus Frederick

David Lewis

Tibby O’Brien

Tom Robinson

Khris Soden